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Mika - Companion in the Moonlight :iconnickthenightowl:NickTheNightOwl 2 0 Majestic Wereric Doodles :iconnickthenightowl:NickTheNightOwl 2 2 PokeFusions - Glaceon + Shiny Sylveon :iconnickthenightowl:NickTheNightOwl 1 0 Pokemon Banners - Spotlight :iconnickthenightowl:NickTheNightOwl 8 0 Oc Ref Sheet - Max :iconnickthenightowl:NickTheNightOwl 0 0 Some Old Moana Doodles :iconnickthenightowl:NickTheNightOwl 1 0 Roses are Red, Werewolves are Blue :iconnickthenightowl:NickTheNightOwl 19 29 Tough Box Tim :iconnickthenightowl:NickTheNightOwl 0 0 Sea Creatures :iconnickthenightowl:NickTheNightOwl 0 0 Fakemon: Gaolite (Evolution #1) :iconnickthenightowl:NickTheNightOwl 6 2 Azurill Twins :iconnickthenightowl:NickTheNightOwl 1 0 Cartoonify Dog Breeds: Afghan Hound :iconnickthenightowl:NickTheNightOwl 1 0 Pie :iconnickthenightowl:NickTheNightOwl 1 0 Poke-Fusion - Fraxure + Zebstrika :iconnickthenightowl:NickTheNightOwl 1 0 Cartoonify Dog Breeds: Affenpinscher :iconnickthenightowl:NickTheNightOwl 1 0 Undertale Doodles (1-Year DA Anniversary) :iconnickthenightowl:NickTheNightOwl 1 0


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Mika - Companion in the Moonlight
When the sun goes to set and the moon comes to rise,
You see a small creature with yellow glowing eyes.
It is Mika, sat upon his pillar
There to give warmth when night becomes chiller.
Always there for you because love never ends,
He will be by your side, friendship never ends.

   I drew Mika before, but that was quick and sloppy because it was for a card that I had to get before Valentine's Day was over. I ended up failing on the upload time because it was made in a new program. I also really like his design and the fact that he's always depicted at night (obviously I like that because I'm a frickin' owl). I decided to give him his own spotlight (well, moonlight to be exact) and draw him solo.
   I might have gone a bit overboard with the airbrush and I don't like how the pillar looks. It was my first time making a full illustration in a night setting. But overall I think it's not really that bad.

Art (c) NickTheNightOwl (Me)
Mika character (c) streetdragon95 

Made in FireAlpaca
Majestic Wereric Doodles
   I literally have nothing else ready to post today. All I have are unfinished Pokemon. I post a lot of Pokemon. But then again I post too many gift art for TsaoShin. Aw well. Can't just cast an art-making spell.
   I tried this new thing where you can see the sketch layer very faintly and I also used cell shading.
   This started out as just wolf studies but then I colored it in Wereric's palette. Well, except for that last one. Noodle arms and Steven Universe star eyes. Yeah. I CAN'T DO THINGS WITHOUT MAKING AT LEAST ONE THING CUTE!
Art (c) NickTheNightOwl (Me)
Wereric character (c) TsaoShin 

Made in FireAlpaca
PokeFusions - Glaceon + Shiny Sylveon
Glaceon + Shiny Sylveon = Glyveon
  The way I color line art is so time-consuming. I'm positive that there's a faster way, I just haven't bothered to learn it. Also, the color palette took quite a bit to figure out. At first I was combining Glaceon with regular Sylveon, but then there would be too much pink. So I switched over to Shiny Sylv since she's mostly blue with a few pink parts.

Art (c) NickTheNightOwl (Me)
Glaceon, Shiny Sylveon (c) Pokemon, Game Freak, Nintendo

Reference used:…

Made in FireAlpaca
Pokemon Banners - Spotlight
I'll be your sky and your fire
And I will go so much higher
I'll stand up to the lightning and it's time to turn the tide... at least I will try
I will be legendary
I will shine in your eyes
And you'll see that I'm worthy to be in your spotlight

   New art series! I was bored and I was inspired by the hate Popplio was getting. I know this is kinda outdated, but I'm always late to everything. There's also been a lot of stuff that went on in the past with Pokemon, so I guess I could do a series, especially with over 700+ Pokemon and more to come. A lot of these banner quotes will come from songs that I really like. I'll also practice lighting and colored lineart in these since most of my gallery is black lines. Hope you enjoy lil' Popplio! Heart 

Art (c) NickTheNightOwl (Me)
Popplio (c) Pokemon, GameFreak
Song (c) Trickywi, "In Your Spotlight":…

Made in FireAlpaca
Oc Ref Sheet - Max
Behold! My very first and very disorganized OC Reference sheet! facepalm 
*Still fleshing out the world and story.

Name: Max (Maximus/Maxwell for Male, Maxilla for Female)
Species: Canadian Lynx Hybrid
Gender: Neutral
Age: Exact unknown, teenage

Likes: Peace & Harmony, fresh air, sunrise, best friend/companions
Dislikes: Chaos, Jingles (ref sheet coming soon), Dystopian worlds
Most Prized Possession: Magic amulet that gives (purple) magic powers

Description (Will be refered to as "he", however, is still gender nuetral):
   Max was once a young kitten with not a care in the world. There were always blue skies, fresh air, and foliage so green it's not even scientifically possible. Yes, everything was all fine in Max's life.
   However, one day, things took the turn for the worst. Suddenly, the skies turned grey and everything started crumbling into pieces. Humans have discovered the paradise Max called "home". They have discovered that his colony possessed some of the most valuable materials on the face of earth. Gunshots echoed throughout the plains, each one followed by the cry of one of Max's beloved family members. His mother sent him to hide with one of his most trusted friends. They successfully survived, however, his family did not.
   With no knowledge of other survivors, he assumed that he, his friend, and some other creatures were the only ones left. There were no traces of his kind and the world he knew was nearly destroyed. (To Be Continued)

*This bio is getting too long and it's already nearly 11pm. Also, the world that Max lives in is not yet polished to a point that this can be decently fleshed out. I will post a journal containing the story of Max and his origins when all is ready.

Character (c) NickTheNightOwl (Me)

*Please link my DA username in the description if you create fanart of this character and/or others of mine. Please and thank you. Heart 

Made using FireAlpaca


No journal entries yet.


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